Who can we donate to?

yepWe are often asked by our new and prospective merchant partners if they can chose any non-profit to receive the Ethix 25% donation – the simple answer is Yes!

Any non-profit or charitable organization is eligible; in fact they do not need to be an official IRS registered non-profit like a 501c3 or even located in the United States. We define eligibility as “any organization doing good work on the planet”.

Our philosophy on this is simple: we believe that there are as many ways to do good work on this planet as there are people wanting to do it. We are not here to decide which projects or groups are worthy and which are not, our goal is to support the intention to affect positive change and steer our donation funds in whichever direction our merchant partners desire to that end.

Do you have a charitable cause you like to support? We support schools, PTA’s, churches, community groups and industry associations as well as the many traditional cause specific types of non-profits. Introduce Ethix and we will work with them to create a new passive residual income stream to support the good work that they do.