I have been working in the restaurant industry for over 25 years and have been a restaurant owner for over 10 years. I have worked with several credit card processors and have never worked with a better company than Ethix and Steve Patzkowski. We have worked closely together for over a year and Ethix’s customer service is second to none. Not only is Ethix responsive to one’s needs, they also contribute and work closely with the community in which I live, work and care about.

Chris Pastena, Owner, Lungomare & Chop Bar, Oakland, California

I was hopeful that switching to Ethix would save me money, and I was not disappointed. Even though I would periodically review my arrangement with our prior merchant processor (a big bank) my rates inched up from around 2% to 3% in one year. Even with attention to running debits as debits and other card processing techniques, the monthly fees were just so high. When I got my first month’s statement from Ethix/CardConnect, I was elated. The cost was a third lower. That’s a significant savings. And the process was easy too.

Michele Hangee-Bauer, Clinic Administrator, San Francisco Natural Medicine

We moved our credit card processing account to Ethix last year and it has been great. We saved money on our fees, the customer service has been exceptional and getting the donation rebate is a very nice bonus. I highly recommend Ethix to any school or business for their credit card processing services.

Phyllis T., ​Coordinator, Brentwood Union School District

You are so patient! Years ago you gave me a pitch to join the Fees to Funds family of businesses for my credit card services. As you remember it took me over a year to make the switch, but there you were patiently waiting and offering a price that no one could match with added bonus of donating to a non-profit organization in my area. Wow! Fees to Funds has grown to become Ethix Merchant Services, Inc., and I still feel very special each time I call with a question or concern. Twice in the last two years I’ve needed immediate assistance with terminals needing to be replaced and it was you, Steve, who personally expedited the transition. This is just one example of the great service I receive from your company. I look forward to our relationship growing for many more years into the future. Thank you again & again for making your company move forward with a conscience, and in turn, all of us who have been fortunate enough to join you!

Buzz Crouch, Owner, New Moon Cafe, Nevada City, California

The California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) has partnered with Ethix Merchant Services in order to generate more revenue in probably one of the easiest ways possible: donation checks from Ethix. We aggressively promote Ethix services to our membership because as more and more members sign up, we receive larger and larger amounts of residual income from Ethix. Ethix has been great to work with and we continue to promote their program to our members on a regular basis because it is one of the easiest methods of generating reliable regular cash flow for our association.

Larry Cook, Executive Director, CNDA