Non-Profit Fundraising

donation jarMost fundraising done by non-profits involves some kind of an event such as an auction, dinner gala, golf tournament, casino night, etc. These events are productive and do raise money most of the time, they do however require a tremendous amount of work and often significant costs that cut into the profit from the event. Another issue is that these events are typical a one-time influx of cash – once the event is over and the funds are received, that’s the end of the revenue for all of that work that was done.

An attractive option for non-profits to add to their fundraising efforts is to raise funds that are residual in nature. Receiving a payment every month, for years into the future, is an attractive proposition to most non-profits vs. the one time hit traditional fundraisers produce. Knowing that you will be receiving these funds every month allows for more accurate and consistent budgeting for programs and expenses.

The Ethix fundraising program provides non-profits with a reliable monthly residual income stream they can count on for years into the future. In addition, the amount of effort required to implement the program is minimal.

A good mix of event based fundraising and residual income fundraising makes sense for many non profit organizations and the Ethix program is a good fit form many organizations that have business and business owner supporters.