Think Local

We are finding that most of our merchant clients are choosing to support local charities and nonprofits through our program, we feel it really makes sense on many levels.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with large national and international nonprofits – the work many of them do is phenomenal – sometimes the larger organizations have high overhead costs and therefore less of the donation dollars go to wok on the actual Cause than the administration of the NGO itself.

By supporting smaller local and regional organizations, quite often much more of the dollar donated goes to work on the Cause, and, the impact of the those dollars donated is felt very close to home. There is a clear and tangible benefit to being able to see the impact an organization is making when it is right in your own community, the “feel good factor”, something we all love to experience, is very palpable when you can see the impact your contributions are making first hand.

Untimely we need a balance of support going to local, regional and international charities and non profits. Here at Ethix we support whatever charity or nonprofit our clients chose, we feel it is our role to support the idea and energy behind philanthropy, not to decide that a particular way in which that desire to give back shows up is better or worse than some other way.

There are as many ways to do good work on the planet as there are people who wish to do that good work, and we support all of it.