Settling In at Jack London

Sydney Cohen and Scott Trimble at Swarm Gallery

Darn… it’s Friday!

Moving is renowned for being excrutiatingly stressful.  I have to say that we have had a pretty soft landing since opening up our office in Jack London Square on Tuesday.  I just popped in to see my friend Svea Lin Soll, Director of Swarm Gallery at 560 2nd St, aka right around the corner.  Svea has been a huge supporter of Ethix since we started checking out this neighborhood a year ago.  She let me desk surf in her gallery, showed me around the neighborhood and introduced me to a lot of great people who have chosen this area as a place to start thier business.   Then she helped us find office space when we decided that this was where we wanted to grow ours.  She is in the process of transferring her merchant account to the Ethix Program.

This is totally typical of the amazing reception and it feels great.  People are literally “popping in” to say hi and see what we are up to.  We plan on returning the favor over coming weeks with all our neighbors and want to express our sincere appreciation for the warm welcome.

Check out Svea’s Swarm Gallery and the other pioneering businesses who are making this neighborhood buzz buzz.