Leading Our Community Driven Purpose, Brooke Thivierge, CCO

So we would like to introduce you to another member of our team. Brooke Thivierge, our Community Manager and all around “keep us together and pointed in the right direction” superstar. It’s hard to think about Brooke without mentioning Riley (the dog) who, with the exception of Brooke’s husband, is her most frequent and constant companion in addition to being official Office Dog here at Ethix.

Ethix is a growing company so we all wear a lot of hats but Brooke manages to shift fluidly between customer care, sales team support, internal operations and community management. She blogs, posts, tweets, calls, answers, acts, listens, supports, organizes and, most importantly cares. Brooke is the one who finds the time to organize us around giving to MISSSEY for Christmas to support their work with sexually exploited youth. She remembers holidays and birthdays and packs decorations into the office to get us to feel something other than busy. She is great at her job but she also knows that small gestures of appreciation and acknowledgement are just as important as big social impact gestures and as a company that is all about community, Ethix owes much of it’s own to Brooke’s commitment and care.