Gross vs Net profit as it relates to our donation program

givingtreeEthix donates 25% of our Gross revenue to the nonprofit or charity of your choice. The term gross revenue has caused some confusion so we put this article together to clarify. 

Revenue is described in two primary forms, GROSS and NET. Gross revenue is the total top-line revenue before any expenses are deducted while net revenue is the total revenue after costs and expenses have been deducted.  

We wanted our donation program to be clear, simple and effective so we chose to donate 25% of the revenue before we pay our expenses. This means your donation comes first, then our expenses and finally, if there is anything left, profit. We feel this is the only way to truly stand behind the program as we envisioned it, a situation that puts money back into your community where you decide it will be most effective.

We would like to thanks our patrons for their support in us but more importantly to helping show that when we work together, there truly is enough to give back and create a stronger community around us.