As Seen on TV…

Ethix coming to a television near you

Ethix just got some amazing news! San Francisco Digital Film School recently sent out a notice to interview companies for the television commercial projects that are produced by their film students.  I spotted the notice on the day of the event and hustled to get into SF in time to pitch Ethix.  Brooke came along with me and we got there just in time to be the last pitch of the evening.  So with no preparation to speak of, we sat down in front of 3 students and Tom of Tom Donald Films.  We were in there for about 20 minutes answering questions and talking about our vision and then we were thanked and shown out with the expectation that we would hear from them in a couple of days.  Well that was last Tuesday…

By Friday I was thinking we didn’t get selected and then last night the email popped up at about 9:30 pm.


Tai Cordts will be producing a 30-45 second commercial on Ethix.  We are getting together to brainstorm with him on what that will look like next week.  Thanks so much to SFDFS for hosting the pitch and, most importantly, for picking Ethix!

Community Partners Wanted

all hands inDo you have a cause that you are passionate about that means a whole lot to you?

Join Ethix as a community partner, it’s easy and a great way to spend your spare time helping your cause and making a difference in your community. Introducing Ethix to merchants that you know or do business with can lead to monthly income for your cause. When the merchant switches to Ethix, we’ll donate 25% of our gross revenue from their credit card fees to your cause. Whether it’s an organization for disabilities, cancer research, saving the rain forests, or your children’s school activities with limited funds such as music and sports programs, we can help….. together.

We will provide you with all of the information that you need to know and also provide some simple marketing materials. We make it easy for you to raise your needed funds and appreciate your help growing ethical business in your community.

Our community partners have raised money, uniformed soccer teams, fed the homeless, brought music back to schools, sent athletic teams to national tournaments and built up crumbling communities. Let’s see what we can do together!

Why is Ethix a For-Profit Company?

This week we had the opportunity to talk about Ethix with a group of students from The San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking.  They were looking for innovative companies to use as the subject of 30 second ads that they are creating as part of their course work.  We are eagerly awaiting news on whether we got selected for the project but in the meantime they asked us some great questions that got me thinking about some of the principles that were foundational to Ethix and that inspired us to launch the company.  One of the questions was “Why is Ethix a for-profit company?”

Answer is Yes!

Ethix is a social enterprise.  Enterprise as in a productive endeavor in the private sector and social as in thinking beyond our bottom line in the way we do business.  I have a huge amount of respect for all the work that is done and the impact that is created in the non-profit sector but I had a different vision for the company I wanted to help build.  There are a lot of reasons for this but these are the highlights.

Philanthropy isn’t enough!  On a very basic level, the idea that we should support the health, well being and education of the majority of our citizens through government spending or donations is running out of rope.  If the fact that this model is broken is not enough to convince you, think about it like this.  Should our social, educational and community needs be reliant on “left over” money that drops out of the private economy in the form of charitable donations.  There is something wrong with that.   Companies all over the world are learning that they have a vested interesest in the health and education of their customers and employees.  It is part of their bottom line.  Doesn’t it make more sense to move towards a more integrated economy that promotes the creation of private wealth while contributing to the broader social economy on which it depends to thrive?

We have a point to make… Seriously!  The financial service industry is chock-a-block with revenue models that baffle consumers and charge huge sums in fees and murky charges with very little value or accountability.  Merchant services is one of the worst offenders here.  We want to prove that it is not simply possible, but profitable to repurpose these models and make them transparent, ethical and socially responsible.  Possible to the tune of 25% of our total revenues at Ethix and profitable to the tune of… Well.  We will find out and keep you in the loop but things are going great.

Business is Social.   We think that the distinction between business and social needs is false.  Businesses do better in thriving local communities.  We are in the business of reconnecting businesses with social needs in their local areas in a way that does not cost them a dime and actually saves them money.

Making Money… is great.  We think so and our sales people think so and the non-profits and community groups that benefit from our Ethix Program agree.

Settling In at Jack London

Sydney Cohen and Scott Trimble at Swarm Gallery

Darn… it’s Friday!

Moving is renowned for being excrutiatingly stressful.  I have to say that we have had a pretty soft landing since opening up our office in Jack London Square on Tuesday.  I just popped in to see my friend Svea Lin Soll, Director of Swarm Gallery at 560 2nd St, aka right around the corner.  Svea has been a huge supporter of Ethix since we started checking out this neighborhood a year ago.  She let me desk surf in her gallery, showed me around the neighborhood and introduced me to a lot of great people who have chosen this area as a place to start thier business.   Then she helped us find office space when we decided that this was where we wanted to grow ours.  She is in the process of transferring her merchant account to the Ethix Program.

This is totally typical of the amazing reception and it feels great.  People are literally “popping in” to say hi and see what we are up to.  We plan on returning the favor over coming weeks with all our neighbors and want to express our sincere appreciation for the warm welcome.

Check out Svea’s Swarm Gallery and the other pioneering businesses who are making this neighborhood buzz buzz.

The How & Why Of It All

Who is Ethix?

We are a committed team that love what we do. We are focused on giving back to our communities in our spare time. We are joined by a National sales team that are knowledgable, experienced and have passion for giving back and paying forward.


Why join as an Ethix merchant?

We will lower the credit processing fees you pay and give 25% back to a good-doing organization of your choosing.


How do we beat other’s rates?

Our motto is “fair & transparent” and our pricing structure reflects exactly that. We have no hidden fees and provide the simplest statement possible. We charge the interchange with only .25% plus $0.10 per transaction. Our sales reps can provide the saving range you can expect while signing up to be an Ethix merchant.


Why do we do this as a company?

We believe that is is crucial to fund organizations that do good work in our communities and it is important for us to be a socially responsible business.


How can we afford to do this?

We aren’t afraid of rolling up are sleeves and working hard. With over 12 years experience in the business, we negotiate on your behalf AND keep a much smaller percentage. We believe by doing this hard work we will not only build stronger communities, we can sustain our business through the word of mouth of our merchants and the organizations we help support.


How do I join this movement?

  • If you are a merchant, sign up for an Ethix account, processing your credit/debit cards and choose your non-profit you will to support.
  • If you are a Non-Profit or Charity you can have Ethix process you credit cards and save money with lower processing fees and receive funds back from the fees you pay. Then suggest Ethix to your supporters to raise more monthly funds.
  • As a consumer, choose businesses that are socially responsible, support charities and use Ethix as their merchant service provider.
  • We need your help to spread the word about Ethix. The more merchants that work with us, the more organizations we can help.

Make Money and Raise Money for Your Community – Come Work for Ethix

It’s official!  Ethix is looking for passionate, motivated folks who want to build a financially secure future for themselves and make a difference in the world.  We thought it might be useful for us to explain a few things about this opportunity.

We are a PURPOSE DRIVEN ORGANIZATION.  That means that our central goal is to make an impact socially and in communities all across America and all over the world.

We are a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.  A business focused on meeting social as well as financial goals.

We are SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.  You know… ethics and integrity are really important to us.  They affect how we treat our customers, how we treat our employees and how we do business in the world.

And if you decide to work with us…

You will earn RESIDUAL INCOME.  So when you stop working you don’t stop earning.  The acconts that you close are billed fees for our services every month and, every month, you get a portion of those fees.

You will BE YOUR OWN BOSS and set your own schedule.  Whether you want to do this for a couple of hours a week or full time, it is entirely up to you.  We will give you the training and support that you need either way and you will be a part of the Ethix Representative Network.

You will MAKE A DIFFERENCE by generating residual income for the causes selected by your accounts.  You can also advocate for any cause that you personally want to support.

So come join us in creating sustainable local economies and getting money from local businesses back into local communities.

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We would love for you to follow us on Pinterest where we can all find inspiration in each other. We will provide information that is not only inspirational but also educational. Where we can be ourselves and show you what we’re all about. Images speak truth and we’re all in this together to make better communities locally and globally.


Welcome to our new website. We are excited to share with you, Ethix Merchant Services, Inc. We’re here to help you raise funds & support your merchant account needs. Take a tour and see what’s new!